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Local Gastronomy

Greece’s west coast cluster of islands known as "Ionian islands" has its own individual culture and cuisine since there are influences from Italian cuisine due to the long Venetian rule in the region. Ionian cuisine is heavily based on Mediterranean gastronomy and main ingredients include tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, herbs, honey, cheese, oregano, rosemary, basil, parsley, thyme, mint, sage, lemon and many more. In Zakynthos these ingredients are produced on the island and are available to the vast majority of restaurants and tavernas and to local markets as well. It is evident that local recipes are rich in olive oil due to the massive number of olives trees on the island which produce high quality olive oil in the region.

Local dishes include:

"Sartsa" which is beef cooked in in a pot with tomato juice, olive oil, some bits of local goat cheese known as "ladotyri", garlic and herbs. Usually it is serves with pasta or handmade french fries or rice.

"Skordostoubi" which is aubergines cooked down with tomatoes, carrots, potatoes and olive oil in a saucepan. The outcome is a red sauce which is enriched with lots of garlic, vinegar and bits of goat cheese ("Ladotyri").

Furthermore, Zakynthos is also well known for sweets. Travelers will try "mantolato" which includes white egg, almond, sugar and honey, "pasteli" which is made with almond, honey and sesame, "frygania" which is similar to "ekmek" and "fytoyra" which is made from a mixture of semolina and water, refrigerated, cutted in pieces, fried in oil and served with white sugar on top.

Almond Egg Sugar Honey "pasteli"
Almond Honey Sesame "frygania"
ekmek zante dessert "ekmek"
fitoura zante dessert "fytoyra"


Aeras Taverna (navigate on map)

Aeras Tavern Shipwreck Zante

A magnificent Traditional Greek Taverna with breathtaking views on your way back from a visit to Shipwreck Beach through Porto Vromi. The family that runs this business is simply amasing. Most of the products used come from their garden. Seating on the edge of the mountains, overlooking Porto Vromi and Ionian sea, a wonderful panorama – enjoying a tasteful, traditional dinner with fresh, natural bio ingredients.

Xigia Tavern – Orthonies (navigate on map)

This Tavern is highly appreciated by locals for the quality of the food served and the stunning view of Alykes bay and the coast of Peloponnese’s. Traditional Greek cuisine, homemade food with fresh ingredients from the islands land and sea. The family that owns the place has built next to the restaurant a snack bar and a swimming pool. This place is a paradise where you can relax drinking a glass of local wine or having a swim with an amazing view that you’ll never forget!

Xigia Local Tavern Zakynthos

Kosta‘s Brother Taverna – Vassilikos (navigate on map)

This Taverna “Kosta’s Brother Taverna” is located in Vassilikos area and is among the most oldest Tavern’s in Zakynthos island. This Taverna offers a variety of traditional local specialities in a relaxing environment and has been awarded, since 2007, with the Greek Cuisine award by the Greek National Tourism Organisation and marked as Best Quality taverna acknowledged by the region of Ionian Islands and the Hellenic Organisation for Standardization. Here you can taste a glass of local wine or choose from their selection of premium Greek wines. Finally this Taverna features traditional live music.

Vassilikos Tavern Kostas Brother www.aderfostoukosta.com

Ionion Taverna - Porto Roxa (navigate on map)

Ionion Taverna Roxa Zante Ionion Porto Roxa Zakynthos

Taverna Ionion is a great choice for lunch during your trip to the spectacular area of the fiord Porto Roxa on the west coast of the island. The family that runs this business is preparing homemade food in wooden oven, with ingredients from their own production such as olive oil, cheese, local wine and so on. Relax watching the blue Ionian Sea and a stunning sunset for those who will end their day at this amasing fiord!

Lithies Tavern – Vassilikos (navigate on map)

Vassilikos Tavern Lithies Zante

Since 1991 Lithies Tavern is offering exceptional meals for its visitors in Vassilikos area. This stone built Taverna has its own production of high quality vegertables and the family that runs this business also produces olive oil, red and white wine from Shiraz and Cabernet grapes, local hard cheese “Ladotyri” and traditional liquer “Tsipouro”. In Lithies tavern every kind of food is prepared in the afternoon to serve fresh in the evening.

Komis Fish Tavern (navigate on map)

Komis Fish Tavern is an award winning Tavern which is much acclaim nationally and internationally. It’s unique quality of the served seafood and the range of salads, fresh vegetables and vegetarian dishes makes this Tavern as a “must” visit. Komis Tavern has remained loyal to its original routes- the local fishermen and the Zakynthian community, and are still using the daily caught fish of the island and Zakynthian ingredients and produce in season.

Fish Restaurant Zakynthos

To Kantouni (navigate on map)

Kantouni, is the typical traditional tavern, with home-style cooking, traditional recipes, open all year and favorable of the locals. This Tavern is open all year round and is serving food from 11.45 until 16.00. Delivery at Palazzo Di P is possible! Every day this Tavern posts their daily dishes/recipes apart from the Grilled food which is always available! You can also check them out on their Facebook page for their daily updates!

Local Zante Town Tavern

Scloubou’s Tavern (navigate on map)

Traditional Taverna Laganas Zante

This Taverna is like a book of hiding flavors, flavors that each reader will wander through its own priorities to choose in the end those goods cooked with love - because without these two human ingredients nothing is done. Here you will enjoy a simple environment, with amasing local flavors for a tasty travel.


Votsalo Tavern (navigate on map)

Votsalo Taverna is located at the top of the amasing rocky beach Marathias. Local recipes, super tasty food with beautiful decoration and breathtaking views of Ionian Sea, Turtle Island and Laganas Bay. It’s a great option for a meal after a visit at Marathias beach.

Keri Marathias Votsalo Tavern votsalo-greek-restaurant.business.site

Nobelos Bio Restaurant (navigate on map)

Few meters away from the port of Saint Nicholas in Volimes, Travelers will find the Seaside Lodge “Nobelos” the only organic restaurant-bar on Zakynthos which was awarded one star in the category of Traditional Greek Cuisine at the FNL awards for the year 2020!

Nobelos Organic Restaurant Zante Nobelos Restaurant Zakynthos www.nobelos.gr

Tavern “The Cross” or “Stavros” (navigate on map)

The Cross Kampi Zante Tavern Cross Kampi Zante

Taverna Cross (or “Stavros” in Greek) is located at Kampi. It’s a traditional Greek Tavern at the edge of North West Cliffs of Zakythos Island with fantastic view over the sea. Homemade touch with great tastes at decent prices.

Kavo (navigate on map)

KAVO is located at the area of Argassi and offers one of the best dining experiences in Zakynthos at reasonable prices. It is a sophisticated restaurant situated by the sea, with friendly and highly professional staff that will assist you throughout this gastronomic journey.

Kavo Restaurant Zakynthos

Al Nur Gourmet Food & Cocktail (navigate on map)

Al Nur restaurant is located in Vassilikos area. In a culinary oasis, this restaurant is modernizing tradition, while respecting the uniqueness of local flavors, with a strong focus on preparation process and attention to detail.

AL NUR Restaurant Zante

Prosilio – Creative Cooking & Fine Wine (navigate on map)

"Prosilio" is located in the center of Zakynthos town, behind Solomos Central Square. This open kitchen restaurant is dedicated to travel you to tasteful destinations. An selection of more than 100 wine labels can be found here, both from Greek and foreign vineyards.

Open Kitchen Restaurant Zakynthos

Aperitto Restaurant (navigate on map)

Aperitto Restaurant is seafront restaurant which offers an ultimate dining experience, under the sounds of jazz and soul music, for every taste. Its prime location right on the edge of Agios Sostis ensures diners stunning views sweeping over the Ionian Sea.

Agios Sostis Restaurant Zante

Μythos Cafe-Bar-Restaurant (navigate on map)

Mythos Restaurant & Cafe Bar stands out on a hill in the picturesque tourist resort of Keri Lake overlooking the sea. This restaurant offers a variety of tastes, with excellent service. Travelers enjoy this service at the amasing wide veranda exploring the endless blue of the Ionian Sea.

Keri Restaurant Cafe Bar

Utopia Resto (navigate on map)

Utopia Restaurant is located in the coast of Argassi Village. This restaurant offers the opportunity to dine in an elegant and romantic atmosphere, with an outstanding view, especially in the sunset. Guests may taste the modernist approach on Greek cuisine at Utopia Restaurant or if they are more willing to have a cocktail or a glass of wine along with small dishes they may select Utopia Meze & Bar.

Utopia Restaurant Argassi Zante

IL Gusto Pizzeria (navigate on map)

il gusto pizza zante

Great Italian tastes with amasing Pizza’s, jut few minutes’ drive from Palazzo. Delivery is possible with no extra charge (any tip is upon guests willingness). Opens after 18.00 and closes at 23.50. Visit their Facebook Page, and menu from Zante takeaway.

To Kantouni (navigate on map)

This restaurant is also included in the Local Gastronomy section. Check out their daily menu on Facebook, or give them a call. Delivery is possible at Palazzo –until 17.00- with no extra charge (any tip is upon guests willingness). Opens after 11.00 and closes at 17.00. Visit their Facebook Page

Kantouni Delivery Zante

Ladolemono (navigate on map)

That’s a typical Greek Grill Taverna, just few minutes’ drive from Palazzo. Greek Souvlaki selections and more grilled options are available at this Taverna. Delivery is possible at Palazzo –until late at night- with no extra charge (any tip is upon guests’ willingness). Opens after 11.00 and closes at 23.30. Visit their Facebook Page

Grill House Delivery Zante

To Tsitsi (navigate on map)

Greek Grill Taverna, just few minutes’ drive from Palazzo. Greek Souvlaki selections and more grilled options are available at this Taverna. Delivery is possible at Palazzo –until late at night- with no extra charge (any tip is upon guests’ willingness). Opens after 12.00 and closes after 23.30. Visit their Facebook Page

Grill Taverna Delivery Zante

The Black Sheep (navigate on map)

Black Sheep is a great option for ordering a café, sandwiches, toasts and other snacks. Delivery is possible at Palazzo –until late at night- with no extra charge (any tip is upon guests’ willingness). Opens after 06.00 and closes late at night.

Coffeshop Delivery Zakynthos

Everest (navigate on map)

Everest is located at the outskirts of Zakynthos Town. Its a great option for ordering a café, sandwiches, toasts and other snacks for your day trip at the amasing beach spot of the island. Delivery is possible at Palazzo –until late at night- with no extra charge (any tip is upon guests’ willingness). Opens after 06.00 and closes late at night. Visit their Facebook Page

Delivery Coffee Zante

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