Zakynthos Festivals & Cultural Events 2021

Published on: 25-04-2021

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Religious feasts & festivals
  • August 24th
Saint Dennis or in Greek "Agios Dionysios" celebrates twice per year on August 24th and December 17th. In August, festive celebrations take place with litanies of the Saint around Zakynthos Town
  • May 3rd
Festive celebrations in the Village of Maherado for Saint Mavra on May 3rd
  • August 15th
The Monastery of Panagia Anafonitria in Zakynthos island celebrates on August 15th.
  • July 26th
Agia Paraskevi celebrates on July 26th in the villages of Agios Leon and Volimes.
Cultural events
Backgammon Festival marks the beginning of summer in Zakynthos. This is a special meeting point for the experts and lovers of chess and backgammon.

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