Why Should You Rent A Villa? You won't be bothered by your immediate neighbors. Have you ever had trouble sleeping because the people in the adjoining hotel room were making so much noise? With a villa rental, you can get out of bed on the right side of the bed every day without being bothered by other people. There's nothing worse than relaxing by the pool just to discover that the obnoxious holiday representative won't leave you alone. Relax in privacy at a villa with a private pool and decking area. Relax in a comfortable king-sized bed without thinking about whether you put up a flimsy ‘Do Not Disturb' sign on your door to keep the maid from walking in on you halfway through changing! Most hotels only have rooms for two adults; maybe the kids will sleep on the sofa bed. A villa could be ideal for you if you want to spend quality time with your family and have separate bedrooms. Renting a villa for your family can also save money because you are not charged per user. Package vacations are so last century; why be trapped on a miserable red-eye flight because it was your travel company's only flight left? When you rent a villa, you can arrive at your leisure and choose your own airline providers. You get to choose who you travel with and when you arrive. With a villa rental, you have full control over travel insurance, car rental, and airport transfers, allowing you to shop around for the best deal rather than being tied to a single provider by a hotel resort relationship. The infamous fight for the sunbeds is no longer a problem! Don't be concerned about losing your place in the heat. When you book a villa vacation, you can sleep in as late as you want, knowing that your private sunbed will be ready when you arrive. Do you want to reconnect with old relatives or friends? A villa is the ideal location for a reunion, as it provides privacy and plenty of room for socializing. Many villas come completely furnished with fully stocked kitchens, spacious living and dining areas, and sleeping accommodations for up to 10 guests, so bring the whole family. Traveling with children is better because there isn't a hotel to contend with. A villa will have all of the standard hotel facilities, as well as additions like inflatable pool toys, DVDs, and exclusive children's activities to keep the kids occupied during the vacation. If you need some alone time away from the kids, some villas even provide childcare and nanny services. A villa is significantly larger than a typical hotel room, providing plenty of personal space in the form of en-suite bedrooms, living and dining areas, and an outdoor terrace. Having to get up early on vacation because "breakfast will only be served between 8-10" is a real bummer, particularly after a late night. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want when you rent a villa, so you won't miss out on anything because you have plans. Staying in a hotel room with a half-size fridge for a week isn't good for anybody, and hanging on to all the laundry before you get home isn't either. Villas have full-sized kitchens, just like a normal home, so you won't have to skimp on amenities. One of the best parts of traveling is discovering the tasty local delicacies you've always wanted to try. Instead of the boring buffet style meals served at several hotels, cooking yourself allows you to source new and local ingredients that are ideal for meals. Living among the locals is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the culture of the country you're visiting while still avoiding the crowds of tourists. Who wants to look like a tourist in the first place? Explore and have fun on your own time; when you rent a villa, you should take your time to survey the local culture and decide on activities as you go. Boat trips, snorkeling, and diving, as well as other exotic water experiences, are among the local events. Villas can be equipped with pretty much anything you want; if your budget allows, you can have private cinemas, saunas, and games rooms. Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle! Whatever your budget, there will be a villa to fit your needs. Being surrounded by hundreds of other vacationers is the polar opposite of relaxing; everyone is constantly crossing each other's paths and vying for scarce resources, such as a restaurant table or a tennis court spot. All residents benefit from the ultimate privacy and relaxation that villas offer. While some people enjoy hotel entertainment, once you've checked in for the night, you'll want some peace and quiet. If you stay in a villa, you get to know when the party ends and it's time to go to bed. Are you concerned about being taken advantage of because you are unfamiliar with the area? If you'd rather have some outside support organizing your tours, several existing villa rentals provide concierge services. When you rent your own villa, you get your own private tub! It's all too easy to book a package holiday at a resort while planning your Summer 2021 vacation. For decades, we've planned our vacations in this manner, and it now seems normal. Many vacationers are unaware that renting a villa has a number of advantages over staying in a hotel room. Vacations in a villa are less expensive! Despite popular belief, villa vacations can be significantly less expensive than all-inclusive vacations. In comparison to hotel vacations, most villas comfortably accommodate large groups, allowing you to distribute the cost per person more evenly. You have complete freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Breakfast at a hotel ends at 10:30 a.m., so you can't lie in bed. When you stay in a villa, you will not only wake up whenever you want, but there will even be food left over for breakfast. The same holds true for every other meal, bar line, or other amenity. Private pools are available in villas. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get up at 6:30 a.m. to place a towel on the perfect poolside sunbed before another hotel guest takes it. This is no longer a concern with a villa vacation. Get up whenever you want and walk out to your own private pool, where you can choose from a variety of sunloungers. This doesn't only apply to the pool. Saunas, gyms, and other soothing amenities are available in many of our luxurious Croatian villas to ensure that you have a relaxing stay. We believe that these moments are much more enjoyable in a private holiday villa than in a hotel room with the rest of the guests. Holiday Villas for Families Going on vacation with children can be more difficult than staying at home, but staying in a private villa makes it much easier. Remove the stress of having to find something to eat three times a day for your picky eater; simply make them what they want in your completely equipped kitchen. Allow them to play in the safe confines of the villa, which includes your own private gardens and pool. Unless you spend a lot of money on a luxurious hotel suite, the amount of room you get for your money can be minimal. Standard hotel rooms, even for only two people, can be cramped and confining. You are not limited to just one room when renting a holiday villa for the week. Almost all of our Villas have large lounge areas, both inside and out, several bedrooms, and enough space for everyone to have five minutes to themselves. If you're looking for a stunning family villa in Zante Zakynthos Greece, you've come to the right place. A family villa has many benefits over a hotel. It will serve as the setting for a memorable family holiday. If you're still not convinced, keep reading to learn why a family villa is the perfect choice for a family holiday. Even, why Palazzo Villa is an excellent family vacation spot. Confidentiality. The first advantage of staying in a luxurious villa for your vacation is that you can choose who you want to be around you. The lovely pools and expansive gardens are yours to enjoy without disruption or disturbance. You can have a BBQ, formal breakfast, or dinner on the terrace whenever you like and have the whole space to yourself. There are no late-night or early-morning visitors in the rooms next door to wake you up. There will also be no rowdy strangers around the pool to interrupt your peace and relaxation. You don't have to think about annoying other guests if you and your kids are the loud ones. Vacation at your own speed. You will be able to arrange the facilities you need in your luxurious villa in Zakynthos Island. You may also schedule those programs for when it is most convenient for you and your family. No issue if you want an in-villa chef to prepare a late BBQ. Do you want a full breakfast in the morning or a lunch in the afternoon? It is also possible to arrange for the housekeeper to come clean the house after you have left for the beach. Since we have our own catering services, you have complete control over the schedule of your family holiday. If it's you or an in-house cook, you have complete control over what and when you cater your meals. When Greek restaurant meal times (Lunch 1 p.m. -3 p.m. and dinner from 8 p.m.) do not coincide with your daily schedule, this flexibility over your schedule may be especially beneficial for families. As a result, feeding children and adults as required is not an issue. Other programs that the Palazzo Di P Villa guest services team will assist with arranging are also under your control. We will arrange for fitness lessons, excursions, and other activities in your villa. Room, heavenly space. Why do we believe that a luxurious villa is the perfect place for a family vacation? You are all together in a villa, but you are not crammed in like sardines. Large rooms, multiple living areas, and a variety of entertainment options allow you to spread out and spend quality time together. If the kids want to play in front of the building, there will be a peaceful balcony where the adults can enjoy a drink while listening to their favorite music. Our big private luxury zante villas are also ideal for bringing together extended families or groups of friends. With all of your favorite people in one place, you're sure to have a vacation to remember. Services and amenities. All you'll need for a fantastic family holiday is available from us. Music systems, televisions, high chairs, cots, and children's toys are only a few of the items available. Every holiday, our guest services team strives to make it the best it can be for our guests. On the menu are in-villa cooks, in-villa yoga and fitness lessons, babysitters, tours, sports, and games. Additionally, all of our villas have lovely private heated swimming pools, air conditioning, and large gardens. Check out some of the facilities we can arrange for you here. All of this for a price comparable to a hotel or Airbnb. For larger families, the expense of a luxurious family villa is mostly equivalent to that of a hotel. You will save a lot of money by cooking some of your meals in the villa, and the price per room is always comparable to a hotel or Airbnb. The facilities on offer and the wonderful versatility that you can build in a villa vacation make it excellent value for money for a couple of families together. As a well-deservedly well-known family vacation spot. Check out our post on family-friendly Zakynthos Palazzo Di P Luxury Villa in Zakynthos to see so much more than beautiful beaches and amasing local traditional restaurants. There is something for everyone, from children to teenagers to parents. If your family prefers to sleep in late and relax by the pool before hitting the nightlife, or is an active party looking for a full schedule of sports and events, Zakynthos, Zante, Ionian Islands Greece has something for everyone. Golf, hiking, hot-air ballooning, helicopter tours, cycling, surfing, live music, gourmet dining, wine tasting, cycle tours, historical and architectural gems, incredible local festivals and traditional events, and so much more are all available in Zakynthos Island. The surroundings are equally beautiful, with Zante cosmopolitan jewel just 20 minutes away. Palazzo is surrounded by the natural beauty of Zante Island. There are also theme and water parks to choose from, as well as the beauty and culture of Zante, which is just 5km away. It can be challenging to find a luxurious villa near Zakynthos Town. Palazzo provides the best of both worlds: a luxurious family villa near Zante Town with none of the hassles of living in the heart of the town. Two families describe their experiences in Palazzo after falling in love with the Island. Our only aim is to provide you with the best family vacation destination of your life, according to a travel journalist and a luxury travel blogger. Our team will assist you with everything from selecting the ideal villa for your party to coordinating airport transfers and ensuring that every facility and amenity you need is available. A family villa vacation aims for minimal hassle, optimum relaxation, and quality family time. Our guests tell us they had the holiday of a lifetime, and we invite them back year after year, so we know we're doing a good job. Why don't you book a family villa for your next vacation so we can greet you in the same manner? Many parents fantasize about taking a relaxing vacation while being waited on hand and foot. Surprisingly, children do not appear in this particular fantasy. And, as everyone knows, the moment one or more children are added to a vacation, it is no longer the adults who are enjoying the hot and cold running focus. Family vacations can be exhausting for adults, what with keeping noise levels down at bedtime, wrangling overly enthusiastic five-year-olds by the hotel pool, apologizing for tantrums at the breakfast buffet, wrestling phones off teens in the resort restaurant, and 24/7 heat, beach, sea, and surveillance. Families rent villas and their children would be children. And, according to the UK's top holiday rental experts, the difference between running interference for two weeks straight and getting total independence isn't the only reason to choose a home over a hotel. More space to spread out and unwind. Room is one of the most significant benefits of family villas: there is simply more of it, and it is all yours. When the kids are little, snuggling up in a hotel room is great. It doesn't take long for comfortably cosy to turn crowded once they've progressed past the pinned to your side permanently level. Kids aren't exactly light travelers. When you add in their must-have toys, a wardrobe of just-in-case clothing, and all the other knickknacks they collect like fluff on Velcro, the majority of them could justify a villa just for their personal belongings. Doing a holiday get-together with friends. Sharing a villa with another family has a lot of advantages, particularly if you have older children. When the age ranges are correct and peers are included, you can almost leave adolescents to their own devices. Choosing the right villa is crucial to pulling this off and keeping everyone happy. Allow children to participate in decision-making by letting go of the reins a little. You'll always have the final say, but including a few kid-sized deal breakers almost always results in a happier holiday. There isn't such a thing as a typical family. The concept of a typical family is as absurd as 0.5 of an infant. However, hotels are still insistent on cramming two adults and three children into a bed, which is akin to trying to stuff a pop-up play tent back into its pocket. Villas are designed for real families, not numbers. You can choose how much space you need and how you want to fill it. Gardening gives you even more options. And there's always the possibility of some quiet room – try finding that in a 'junior suite.' The majority of resorts have separate pools for children. It's just what you want: hot afternoons spent sitting on the edge of a glorified bathtub, trying to find your child in a sea of borderline hysterical under 8s. The scenario is familiar to any parent on the planet. Rent a villa with its own pool, which is not only kid-friendly for your children and your children alone, but also available whenever you want it. So, while you may not be up for 20 brisk laps before breakfast, there's nothing keeping you from taking a midnight dip after everyone has retired for the night. Vacations in a villa are ideal for individuals. Renting a villa allows you to customize your vacation. Because it's a totally unpackaged choice, you can choose where, when, and what you eat based on your own personal preferences. If your budget is a top priority, create a custom template around it. You may have a mental image of a dream home that you've always wanted to live in for a while. The hinge may be anything as easy as a beautiful, shady terrace with a view. Since they aren't a cookie-cutter package deal, you don't have to pay for anything you don't like. Holidays for the whole family without any crying. A vacation with extended family can be a lot of fun for everyone, not just the kids. However, planning a dream vacation that doesn't end in stony silence on the return flight is a bit of an art. Renting a massive villa with an escape room increases the chances of success exponentially. People should do their own thing, you have the right to be together when you want to be together, and you can still take five when tensions arise – which they do, even in the closest of families. For a short time, families will live like locals. The best family vacations are those in which you get to know a destination, create your own memories, and return home with a million and one stories that start with "remember when..." A villa vacation includes small pleasures such as shopping for dinner at a morning market, selecting wine at the village bodega, and finding a small, secluded cantina that everyone enjoys. And no matter how often a resort claims to be authentic, it almost never is. Specific experiences like these are difficult to replicate and never one-size-fits-all. With so many great hotel and self-catering options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you when planning your next vacation. So, what are the benefits of staying in a self-catering holiday villa or apartment rather than a hotel on your next vacation? To begin with, self-catering villas and apartments tend to provide excellent value for money, particularly if you're traveling with a larger group or as a family, and especially if you don't fit the 2+2 family model. When comparing the cost per person of a holiday rental versus a hotel, the cost per person is usually much lower. Not only that, but opting for self-catering helps you to buy and store your own food supplies as well as prepare your own meals, saving you money on dining out. Gain a better understanding of the local culture. Many who choose to stay in a vacation villa or apartment often discover that they gain a better understanding of the local culture and way of life. After all, you may be fortunate enough to meet and get to know your neighbors if you stay in a vacation rental, and you'll have plenty of chances to practice your language skills and learn about the local community while shopping for groceries. It's an opportunity you wouldn't have as much fun with in a hotel. There's more space to unwind. Families would undoubtedly find that renting a villa or apartment provides them with the required space to unwind. What is more depressing for parents of small children than putting them to bed at 7:00 p.m. just to have to spend the remainder of the evening tiptoeing around the hotel room in fear of waking them up? When you choose self-catering, your child will sleep in while you relax in the living quarters, on the patio, or even in your own private garden. Even if your children are adolescents, having the extra room in which the entire family can relax is vital. You also won't have to worry about your children bothering other hotel guests because it's your own room. Furthermore, if you are fortunate enough to have a vacation rental with a pool, you may have the pool to yourself. Make your own vacation schedule. Although it is undeniably nice to have someone prepare breakfast for you, a service that you will almost always find in a hotel, it does mean that you are bound by hotel breakfast hours and strict hotel laws. If you want a holiday villa, you can have a lie-in knowing that breakfast will always be available if you get up late. And you can do it safe in the knowledge that room service will not be banging on your door to make your bed! Self-catering allows you to build your own vacation schedule, allowing you to come and go whenever you want...Then you can lie in bed until late in the morning and have lunch in the middle of the afternoon! Alternatively, if you want to stay out late and soak up the local culture, you should return knowing that you won't be bothering other guests. More adaptability. If you have children or members of your community who have special dietary needs, opting for self-catering can give you a lot more versatility when it comes to meal times.Those with young children can stock up on nutritious treats at the store, and those with picky eaters can rest easy knowing that you can whip up some popular meals in your own kitchen. In any case, what could be better than a BBQ in the privacy of your vacation rental garden? It's usually a lot more relaxing choice than eating in the hotel restaurant, particularly if you have children who need to be entertained! Isn't it true that the aim of the holidays is to spend quality time with the people we care about the most? That is why, on occasion, a villa vacation is just what the doctor ordered. Your own space, your own pool, and, most importantly, the people you've chosen to spend your vacation with are all right there with you. If you want to spend your vacation by the sparkling waters of Greece or immerse yourself in the beauty of Zakynthos, one thing is certain: you can do it at your own rate, from the comfort of your ideal home away from home. Palazzo Villas is a great example of this, with a wide variety of stunning villas to choose from, from those with breathtaking views to those in the heart of town, and from small family villas to larger villas for groups of friends or family. It's no wonder that we like villas; after all, that's why we're here. But there's a reason we adore them (nay, ten reasons) and believe they're superior to any other form of vacation accommodation. So here are our top ten reasons to stay in a villa (or a chateau, or a palace, or pretty much anywhere you can have the place to yourself). They're personal. Who wants to spend their vacation days surrounded by strangers, battling over poolside sun loungers or listening to their next-door neighbors imbibe on their balcony? Staying in a villa means you have the whole place to yourself – your own kitchen, lounge area, pool, several bathrooms... do we need to go on? They're useful for establishing social distance. We don't know what the future holds – we're hoping 2021 will be the year we can finally hug people again – so when you hide in a villa, you can rest assured that you're following social distancing rules. You have the whole place to yourself, so it's just you and your mates. A villa is usually in a secluded spot, or at the very least has its own grounds, so you know you're away from the crowds. You'll also have your own kitchen (often with excellent alfresco dining areas), so you won't have to go out to eat if you don't want to. It's like a house away from home. A villa is a residence. You should approach it as such (as long as you're not hanging from lampshades or painting on the walls! ), and you'll feel immediately at ease and at ease. There will be no housekeeping knocking at your door at inconvenient times, no evening curfews, and no strange resort entertainment to deal with. Simply do as you please, when you do. They're inexpensive. Villas are also very cost-effective, which most people are unaware of. They frequently house a large number of people, allowing you to gather the gang and share the bill – often for less per night than a hotel. That means more money for drinks, day trips, and other enjoyable activities. You can make it suit your group's needs. Villas also come with a slew of extras that you can take advantage of – in fact, we have an entire team dedicated to these extras. Our concierge team can arrange anything from airport transfers to private chefs, and our Villa collection provides hotel-like amenities in the privacy of your own villa (breakfast, maid service etc). Some villas also offer exclusive extras such as in-house spa treatments, speedboat rides, casino nights, and so on. You can also say no to anything and keep it straightforward. They are suitable for use by families. You want to be able to turn off when you go on vacation, right? Some villas have gone even further to accommodate families, installing child-safe pools, fenced grounds, and the ability to baby-proof their properties prior to your arrival. Our selection is divided into categories for babies, children, and teenagers, so you can rest assured that your family is healthy. They're the ideal starting point for a more authentic vacation. When you stay in a villa, you are always in the middle of nowhere, only a short distance from a quaint local town, or even just steps from the beach. You're right in the heart of a town, and you're in the ideal location for an authentic vacation, whether it's visiting small villages, hiking up mountains, or uncovering hidden gems. They're ideal for gatherings and parties. Where better to celebrate a birthday, an accident, or simply a big group vacation than a large villa, chateau, or castle?! There are locations that house over 30 people. Our houses are ideal for any occasion! And, since it's essentially your own home for however long you're there, you can enjoy it without being judged by strangers or having the hotel staff come up to you and tell you that you're being too noisy. They're more long-term. Sustainable travel is a hot topic right now, and it's only going to get hotter. Villas are immediately more environmentally friendly than hotels or resorts because they use half as much electricity, and some villas are also implementing their own green practices. We recognize the value of sustainability, which is why we created the Sustainable Villa Collection to highlight those vacation homes that are setting the standard for environmentally friendly stays, whether by solar power, sustainable produce, or even planting their own trees to offset their emissions! Choosing the Right Luxury Villa for Your Vacation. Luxury has to be convenient, otherwise it isn't luxury. While a luxury label can be awarded based on objective criteria, a true luxury vacation is about personal preferences; it is about satisfying your holiday lifestyle wishes and aesthetic sensibilities. Individuality defines luxury. What does luxury mean to you? Does it have a feeling of exclusivity and rarity? Promising the highest level of quality? Luxury can mean incredible architecture, beautiful features, and cutting-edge amenities, not to mention an awe-inspiring location in a dream destination while staying in a villa. Finally, luxury encompasses all of these characteristics and more; it is also a state of extreme comfort. Over and above its inbuilt, high-quality specs, choosing the right luxury villa to fit your needs and desires is what makes a luxury villa offer a luxurious vacation experience. This guide will assist you in customizing your luxury villa reservations so that you get exactly what you want: What kind of holiday environment and lifestyle are you looking for? Do you want to fully let go and accept a retreat-style villa far, far away from the madding crowds of tourist hotspots, or do you want to be right in the middle of things? Close your eyes and picture yourself in your villa. A vivid, action-packed vacation and an exhilarating vacation villa experience are possible outcomes. On the other hand, you could imagine yourself walking barefoot on the sands of a secluded cove, whether on one of Greece’s breathtaking islands or in one of Zante’s remote beauty spots. What kind of style are you looking for? Classic décor with subdued design details in a grand, majestic space can be considered luxurious by some. Others consider radical minimalism with splashes of bold, urban architecture to be the epitome of twenty-first-century luxury. A villa that blends in with the outdoors allows you to interact with nature, while a modern, stylized property can create its own high-tech atmosphere. Luxury may be a home away from home or a collection of circumstances that transport you to another country. Nobody wants to feel like a fish out of water, regardless of how opulent the pond is. Where would you like the place to be? The breeze in your hair and a sundowner in your hand, toasting a magical sunset from your cliffside villa overlooking a magnificent Ionian Sea with panoramic views, such as villa rentals in Zakynthos; a hidden oasis on a hillside in a olive tree landscape, shaded from the midday sun and surrounded by oxygen-giving greenery, such as luxury villa rentals in Zante; or a beachside villa beauty where a beachside villa beauty where a beachside villa beauty where a beachside villa beauty where Do you wish you were here with us? Being in the right spot, resonating with your whole being, is what luxury is. What are the objectives? You want to feel...what? During, and definitely by the end of your villa stay. Do you want to take life by the horns and go on a high-octane journey with it? Do you want to use mindful meditation to ponder the meaning of life? Perhaps you just want to unplug for a while and recharge your battery with some spa treatments, pure relaxation, and time to read while lounging by the villa's infinity pool. What do you need to make your stay as pleasant as possible? If you are a gourmet foodie, an exceptional in-villa chef might be a luxury must-have. An in-villa private cinema space or luxuriously comfortable lounge is a must-have if you intend on settling into a plush sofa with movie nights. If missing your regular workout is going to stress you out, you'll need to find a gym to make the most of your stay. What Kinds of Amenities Would You Find in a Luxury Villa? If a villa stay equals relaxation, and relaxation equals spa treatments, then having a massage or lying back and getting a facial in your villa is a luxurious in-villa treat. What more do you need for a luxurious stay than tennis courts, games rooms, and en suite bedrooms with oversized tubs? What are the desires and needs of the other members of your holiday gathering? There is no such thing as an island. Even if you're staying on a beautiful island paradise, it's critical to strike the right balance within the holiday community dynamic. Everyone in a family has their own room and has their own personality, desires, and personal list of luxuries. When you're celebrating a special event with friends, you want to be able to come together in peace and share luxury while also being able to enjoy a villa vacation on your own terms. A sophisticated villa may not be appropriate for a family with young children who need to be amused and want to play around in a children's pool. Similarly, even though you enjoy lounging by the pool, if your friends want to stay involved, they can need more than a laid-back getaway. Peace and harmony, with unique shared moments and room to be alone, are the hallmarks of luxury. How to Determine whether a Villa Is Child-Friendly. Do you have any unusual requests or deal-breakers for the holidays? A villa is not a relationship partner, but if you find the right villa, it will almost certainly be love at first sight. To find the right fit, you must first know what you want, including any must-haves or deal breakers. If you need a luxurious stay close to soft white sands, this should be at the top of your wish list. The more specific your luxury requirements are, the more likely you are to find your dream villa, after which all you have to do is relax and enjoy your perfectly tailored holiday. That is true luxury! The Advantages of a Villa Vacation. Nothing compares to the advantages of living in a luxurious villa during your vacation. If you want to spend your next vacation with your family or friends, renting a villa is the best choice. The benefits of renting a private villa for your next holiday are numerous. Here are a few examples: Confidentiality. When on vacation, having your own villa means that you have all of the protection you crave. Villas are typically detached properties with their own land and rooms, allowing you to enjoy your time away from other visitors – and away from the noise of your neighbors. After a long day of exploring the island, staying in a luxurious villa helps you to escape the crowds and enjoy your own private room. The peace and quiet you'll get from these is priceless, and it will add to the comfort and luxury of your vacation. Adaptability. Instead of being limited to check-in and check-out times, dining options, and tourist packages, staying in a villa allows you to create your own schedule. You can customize your itinerary to suit your needs and those of your family, without the hassle of having to get up early to avoid missing breakfast. It also means you won't have to hurry down to the pool to get a sunbed, and you'll be free to explore the island at your leisure, sampling whatever food and drink you want. Individualization. Whatever your preferences are, a villa rental will cater to them. In comparison to a hotel or cruise ship, your property will provide more variety and options for your stay. Most villas will have Wi-Fi and TVs in case of rainy days, as well as cots and baby changing tables upon request, so you won't have to worry about anything while traveling with kids. Safety is paramount. Staying in a villa will provide you with the peace of mind you need when on vacation. Villas are usually safe, and they can alleviate the anxiety of being around strangers, which is common in open-air hotels. This means you'll be able to unwind and enjoy the sun without having to worry about anything. Money Well Spent. It is a common misconception that renting a villa is expensive; but, when compared to the cost of a luxury hotel for the family, you will always find that it is less expensive. If you have a large family, living in a villa will provide you with much more value for your money. Creature Amenities. Villas give you the opportunity to feel at ease, to really settle in and relax. The spaciousness and privacy of your own villa will provide a relaxing atmosphere, and if you're traveling with children, they'll appreciate not being confined to a hotel room. Plus, even on vacation, there's nothing like breakfast in your pyjamas! From a hotel to a luxury villa, the pattern is shifting. The tourism industry has recently embraced a new trend: luxury villa vacations. Expectations and habits are changing: today's travelers are searching for unique experiences. So, instead of a hotel, which has long been the preferred location for spending luxurious relaxing vacations, we've moved on to holiday packages that are specifically designed for privacy and health, like luxury villas like our wonderful Villa Palazzo Di P. Why should you spend your vacation in a luxurious villa rather than a hotel? The cost of a luxury villa is lower. This assertion may confuse you, but statistics back it up: luxury villas are less costly than hotels. Consider a group of friends who want to spend their vacation at a five-star hotel. Spending an extended amount of time in this type of hotel forces you to confront your wallet: the average cost of a stay in a luxury hotel is higher than that of a vacation in a villa with a pool, when you consider board, accommodation, and travel. Privacy is associated with luxury villas. True, if you choose to spend your vacation in a hotel, you will be in the heart of your destination, but you will also be surrounded by groups of people, children crying in the halls, and visitors with whom you must share room. On the other hand, luxury villas are synonymous with privacy. The appeal of booking a truly relaxing break in a luxurious villa is that you can enjoy the privacy you need to unwind and get away from the stresses of everyday life for a few days. Villas of luxury and enchanting locations. Luxury villas are typically found in beautiful locations. For example, Villa Palazzo overlooks Zakynthos inland nature. Guests of the luxury villa can get close to nature by taking long walks on the beach and inhaling the scents and colors of this fascinating landscape. Villa Palazzo is also the perfect place to visit if you want to explore the area around Zante or try new things like windsurfing or trekking at Laganas bay. Your vacation in a luxurious villa. Do you need any more excuses to spend your vacation in a luxurious villa rather than a hotel? In general, hotel rooms lack the space that luxury villas have. Furthermore, in a private villa, you are not bound by the traditional "breakfast serving hours" of a hotel. Imagine having a kitchen where you can cook (or have chefs prepare) your favorite dishes, a refined living room, and spacious suites at your disposal for you and your mates. Not to mention the infinity pool and wellness center, which are perfect places to unwind and cleanse the body while relaxing. A villa is sure to fulfill your needs if your concept of a dream vacation includes privacy and home comforts while you're abroad. Villas can provide an unforgettable holiday experience, whether you choose a luxurious pad with a private pool or a hot tub with breathtaking views, or a quaint house in a medieval village. Allow our villa guide to assist you in selecting your perfect vacation home. We'll show you the types of villas that best fit your needs, recommend some inspirational places, and even give you some pointers on when to book for the best deals. The travel and tourism industry has seen a substantial boom in recent years, thanks to increasing buying power. People are searching for 5-star vacation experiences not only abroad, but also in their own countries. The private villa industry recognized this potential, and today, luxury villas have surpassed 5-star luxury hotels in terms of retaining vacationing patrons. So, what's driving this move from hotel stays to villa vacations? Let's look at some of the reasons why private villas have surpassed hotels as the preferred vacation destination. PRIVATE HEADQUARTERS – A villa is similar to a second home. While hotels offer suites, you will still be sharing the facility with strangers, which is why the villa wins. You have the whole property to yourself, so you can live as you please without being bothered. A villa allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, whether it's a quick dip in the pool or lounging all day. You can also use your own gym, chef, and spa services whenever you want. Even if you stay in a luxury hotel, it will only be a stopover on your vacation; however, a luxury villa will still be a part of your vacation. FIT IN YOUR POCKET – At first glance, you can believe that luxury villas are more expensive than a 5-star hotel. This, however, is a misconception. A luxury villa will provide you with more room for your money. In a hotel, there are secret fees for each facility you use, while in a villa, you pay one price for the whole experience. A holiday with friends would be even more enjoyable if you stay in a villa because the expense will be shared by all of you. When comparing a three-night stay in a villa to a three-night stay in a hotel with meals and other facilities, the villa is always the better deal. This is an inverse relationship: the larger the group, the less expensive the villa stay and the more enjoyable the holiday. EAT YOUR FAVORITE MEALS – What good is a holiday if you don't eat well? Though hotels can use words like "gourmet programs" to entice you, the fact is that they prepare the same meal for a large number of guests. This will undoubtedly degrade their efficiency. Private chefs are hired by private villas to prepare specialties and homestyle meals using locally sourced, even indigenous ingredients that will leave you wanting more. Special menus are available at villas, as well as kid-friendly meals when requested. Which is better: a crowded public buffet or a one-of-a-kind private meal? SPECTACULAR SIGHTS – Staying in hotels and receiving the same facilities every day is a thing of the past. Travelers are increasingly seeking authentic destination experiences, and what better way to do so than by staying in a vacation home with a view of the countryside or the soothing sound of the waves lulling you to sleep? Beautiful views, nature trails, the sun, beach, and sea, space inside and out – villas bring new life to your vacation. UNMATCHABLE LUXURY – Imagine de-stressing at your own personal spa, lounging in your ocean-like infinity pool, or relaxing in a jacuzzi – these are all things you, your family, and friends will enjoy at a villa without paying exorbitant rates. Luxury villas are all yours to enjoy, with top brands, upscale BBQs, and high-tech gadgets – an individualized luxury that a hotel might not be able to provide. A villa is also a better option than a hotel because of advanced concierge services, homey luxury, the ability to host private parties, and the ability to personalize every little detail. So, will you be staying in a villa or a villa for your next vacation? Renting a private home or villa for your next holiday has many advantages. Here are a few examples: Creatures provide warmth. Villas give you the opportunity to feel at ease, to really settle in and relax. The spaciousness of your own private common areas will provide a relaxing atmosphere, and if you're traveling with kids, they'll appreciate not being confined to a hotel space. Nothing beats having breakfast in your pajamas! Confidentiality. If swimming in a pool with hundreds of people isn't your thing, a villa provides you and your family/friends with the privacy and intimacy that only a private home can provide. It is ideal for small groups. Villas are an excellent choice for a family reunion or a corporate retreat because they provide each group with their own private sleeping quarters as well as the opportunity to gather and socialize in the villa's common areas. Is your party too big for one house? Many companies have the option of renting a group of homes in a single location while still keeping everyone near. Customer service. A villa's facilities can be as comprehensive as you want them to be. Maid service, a personal chef, a butler, and a concierge will all be at your service while maintaining discretion for those occasions when you don't want to be bothered. You have the choice, but the service you receive will almost certainly be more personalized than that of a large hotel. Surprising worth. Some people believe that renting a villa is expensive, but when you compare it to the cost of a luxury hotel, you will always find that it is less expensive. When you equate the cost of a larger villa to the cost of several hotel rooms for parties, you'll notice a significant difference. Things to consider when booking a villa rental company Today, there are a plethora of companies that offer villa rentals, and choosing the right one to book with is almost as crucial as selecting the villa itself. You can still go straight to the home owner if you know exactly what home you want to rent. They may have their own website or be mentioned on travelers website booking platforms. When renting directly from the owner, be cautious: it doesn't always mean you'll get a great deal, and you should keep in mind that the owner might not be able to afford some of the facilities that are available through the villa specialist companies that manage rentals on the owner's behalf. If you book directly with the owner, make sure there is at least someone to contact in the event of a problem, and that someone will be there to prepare the villa prior to your arrival and switch on the air conditioning/heat if necessary. You don't want to take the "find the key under the mat" strategy. Websites from around the world. Many websites provide villa rentals in a variety of locations around the world, including private island rentals. If you aren't sure where you want to go, this is a perfect way to broaden your options. Instead of selecting a destination, you can look for a villa that meets your requirements for size and amenities. Some websites also allow you to search for villas based on the type of experience you want to make, such as weddings, golf, family vacations, or romantic getaways, to name a few. If you decide to go with a global villa rental company, make sure you select one that makes that kind of commitment and takes a proactive approach to staying informed and current on all of their villa listings. Before putting a villa on the market, palazzo team inspects it personally. In addition, we have comprehensive facilities, such as a dedicated concierge for each of our guests. They're much more likely to have their own on-site employees to help you with your requests and provide concierge services like a driver, car rental, cooks, excursions, and spa treatments. These elements are essential for turning a pleasant vacation into one to remember. Even if you are renting a home in Greece, this type of service can help you transform your home. Palazzo concierge services are perfect for corporate or personal retreats or special occasions when you want to not only book accommodations but also create a unique experience. Palazzo villas are ideal for families, while others are better suited to business travelers or couples. We will ask the right questions to figure out what kind of villa we can suggest so the client is satisfied with their decision. When planning any form of vacation, a little research is needed, and renting a villa is always a must. It can provide the ideal atmosphere for reuniting with family, reconnecting with friends, or rewarding the hardworking executive team. Modern hotels and hostels are not the only places to stay during your vacation. This form of lodging is common in Europe and parts of Southeast Asia, but it is uncommon in North America. The main distinction between a holiday villa and a hotel is that a holiday villa has a kitchen (or kitchenette) and additional living space. Short-term rental apartments and self-catering apartments are other terms for holiday villas. In comparison to hotel accommodations, a vacation villa feels more like a home, provides more privacy, is less expensive, and allows you to prepare your own meals if desired. When paired with shopping at local supermarkets, this will save you a lot of money compared to having all of your meals out. Gardens and private pools are popular features of vacation rental homes. The kitchen is normally completely furnished, and there are no time constraints. Since most holiday villas are situated outside of tourist areas and in neighbourhoods where residents live, staying in one would provide more exposure to the local culture. Since most holiday villas and short-term rental apartments are owned and run by locals rather than foreign hotel chains, more of your tourist spending on these accommodations benefits locals. If you are staying for two or more nights in a high-cost city, a short-term apartment rental is often considerably less expensive than a hotel. Self-catering apartments and holiday villas are more difficult to find and book than hotels. It can take some time to find one, and not all cities towns or islands have vacation villas. The quality of most holiday villas and self-catering apartments is not standardized, so even at similar price points, the quality will vary. Many vacation villa rentals need a one-week minimum stay. Private security guards are uncommon in vacation villas. If a laundry service is available, it may only be available once a week. If you have a large group, the price might be reasonable, but it is higher than a standard hotel room. Hotel for one or two people. Many vacation rentals are off the beaten path, with no easy access to public transportation such as train stations, bus stations, or airports. Parking garages are not available in some short-term rental apartments in cities. Vacationing in holiday villas and self-catering apartments necessitates further planning and limits your itinerary versatility. You can't just drive until you're tired, or come to a town that appeals to you, and check into a holiday villa or short-term rental apartment because you have to book well in advance. Holiday villas are ideal for family vacations because they provide more space than a regular hotel room and encourage families to self-cater. Many villa owners place advertisements in national newspapers to promote their properties. If you intend to travel within your country, this is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to find lodging. Simply purchase a classified newspaper and make a few phone calls! If you want to travel to another world, the internet, including search engines like Google, is your best friend! Many vacation rental owners have created their own websites to advertise their properties and, in some cases, to include availability calendars and price lists. For example, "self catering accommodation in zante" or "villas in zakynthos" are good search terms for finding holiday rentals. There are also several international holiday villa operators that have villas in major cities around the globe. Many of them have an online availability calendar (updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week), details and photos, an online inquiry or booking form, visitor feedback, and a price calculator. Rather than staying in a hotel, renting a villa with a private pool and lush surroundings is a cheaper and more practical choice. For those traveling with small children and relatives, the ability to move about freely during their holiday is crucial. Since you have reserved a luxurious villa exclusively for you and your family, you have the freedom to go wherever you want, eat whenever you want, and stroll around the property without worrying about other guests. UNLIMITED ACCESS TO THE FACILITIES Guests who rent a villa don't have to be concerned about the pool, sauna, or jacuzzi's operating hours. They don't have to wait in line to use them because they can use them anytime they want. Guests can go to the gym, ride a bike, run, or meditate, depending on their preferences and needs, and they can act as if they were at home. Nothing prevents you from going to the gym every morning at 5 a.m. if you live in a villa. Otherwise, you'd have to adjust to the gym's operating hours if you were staying in a hotel. A morning jump and swim in the pool, followed by breakfast on the deck in privacy, is an unforgettable experience! Hotels are unable to provide this degree of personalized service, as you can choose a villa that best suits your needs. Do you want to get some exercise? Look for a villa with a modern gym. Are you looking for a relaxing vacation where you won't be bothered by anyone? Choose a secluded spot with a sauna and a hot tub. The options are limitless! LOCATION AND PRIVACY Villas have far more privacy than hotels. Rather than living in one of the rooms in a corridor, a villa allows you to create your own home during your vacation and fully enjoy the privacy that many villas have. Villas are often in fantastic places, surrounded only by nature and offering a breathtaking panoramic view, or they are only a few steps away from the sea! Some also offer extra perks including a private boat dock, free admission to national parks, and so on. FRIENDS AND FAMILY You can divide yourself and your family and friends into different bedrooms without feeling crowded. In beautifully spacious living rooms and terraces, which are all difficult to find in hotels, everyone will enjoy their own personal space and privacy while still sharing precious moments together. Each of the villas available through Palazzo has a large living room and dining room, as well as an outdoor terrace where you can relax with your loved ones. Some villas also have private cinemas or game rooms! Some villas have numerous facilities for children and the young, such as a children's playground, gaming consoles, board games, and even a tennis court. Villas have a superior travel experience and are more cost effective for families and larger groups than hotels. We are confident that once you try it, you can see for yourself, so don't miss out on early booking discounts. The main benefits of living in a private luxury villa are as follows: Since their introduction to the hospitality scene, private villas have revolutionized the idea of holiday lodging. Many travelers have opted to spend their vacation getaway in these vacation homes because they provide luxuries and conveniences that other lodging choices do not. In this post, we'll go over some of the major benefits of living in a private villa and why you should book one for your next vacation. Ideal for communities. Although hotels can accommodate groups of people, there is no question that private villas can provide a better experience. When staying in a hotel, it's likely that you'll be assigned to separate rooms on various floors, limiting the group's quality time. It's also not a good idea to spend time in open areas like the cafeteria or lobby because you'll be sharing these spaces with other hotel guests. When you rent a private villa, everybody is housed together. The rooms are close together, and the large dining areas allow everyone to eat at the same time. It's also likely that booking a single private villa for the whole party would be much less expensive than booking several rooms at a hotel or resort. Entire exclusivity. The exclusivity of living in a private villa is another benefit. Many holiday homes are located in secluded areas, providing a comfortable sense of seclusion away from the crowds. When you book a private villa, you will have the whole property to yourself. This allows you and your holiday companions to take advantage of the villa's top-notch facilities, such as an infinity pool, a fitness center, a private spa suite, and more, without having to share them with strangers. A committed team. Most private villas have devoted staff to attend to their guests' needs. A private chef, a villa manager, and a housekeeping team are normally included in the workforce. Since you will be served by the same team from the beginning to the end of your stay, the staff will be able to get to know you better and note your interests, helping them to tailor their services to your needs. It saves time by not having to repeat instructions to various people. Personalized encounters. Personalized services for the most unforgettable moments are another perk of holiday villas. Private villas are the way to go if you want to host a simple function or an intimate get-together during your holiday break. Your personal chef will prepare meals to your specifications, and the villa staff will assist you in planning the perfect surprise party. Since you and your travel companions are the only ones staying in the villa, you can receive personalized service from all members of the team, ensuring an unforgettable vacation. A place to call home away from home. Many private villas are built to blend lavish elegance with a welcoming atmosphere. This helps guests to relax in style while taking in the scenery, all while staying in supreme comfort. Private villas are fully equipped as holiday homes. A well-designed living space, a well-equipped kitchen, spacious dining areas, and beautifully landscaped garden areas. The allure of a villa holiday in the sun hardly requires an extensive explanation. Beautiful weather in a beautiful place, plus a stay in an oasis vacation retreat; the allure of a villa holiday in the sun hardly requires an extensive explanation. After all, what's not to love about a little tropical magic? A place where the sky is blue, the sands are golden, and the villa stays are absolute luxury, with their cool infinity pools looking out to incredible vistas. However, if you need any more justifications for jetting off to a dream destination like Zakynthos or Zante, there are plenty of unforeseen benefits to doing so. Here are ten unexpected advantages of a luxury villa vacation: Boosting your self-assurance: New experiences, a break from routine, and spending time away from the daily surroundings all contribute to a positive mood. This joy lasts after your vacation, leaving you feeling energized and confident in your ability to face life's challenges. Although luxury travel does not require physical exertion, visiting different cultures and destinations can push you out of your comfort zone, which can help you gain trust. Changing your whole outlook on life: A villa holiday allows you to relax and reflect in a completely different setting, one that provides the ease and comfort of luxury. This mental and physical space, free of the ties that bind you to your daily life, can be freeing. In a new setting, the mind is free to challenge ideas you've always taken for granted, allowing you to break free from habitual thought and see the world and yourself in a new light. Taking an interest in other cultures is a great way to enjoy seeing things from a particular perspective. Advancing your career: All work and no play makes Jack, and Jill, a boring boy or girl. There is a popular belief that the only way to raise income is to work slavishly. Taking time off, relaxing, and sleeping will help you be more productive. Travel can also be a great way to meet new people and learn about different ways of life and work. Not only that, but by planning ahead of time to take a break, you are effectively streamlining your workload and increasing your performance. Strengthening the bonds: Making and sharing vacation memories is a truly bonding experience that can bring the whole family closer together. It's easy to fall into a routine and play to predetermined roles within a family. A holiday alters this by allowing people to share and enjoy other aspects of their personalities. Instead of just being a place to stay on vacation, a luxury villa is an ideal environment for developing a vacation lifestyle. An exquisite villa setting can inspire sunset tête-à-têtes, private al fresco dining with an in-villa chef, and indulgent poolside lounging on a romantic level. Improving your mental health: There is clinical evidence that going on holiday will help you feel better and alleviate depression. A vacation isn't just a treat; it's also a great way to clear your mind. It becomes clear how important getaways are to your core happiness once you begin to see vacations as a part of living a healthy life. A luxury villa rental adds to this advantage by offering the ideal getaway in a beautiful environment. Lowering the risk of a heart attack: According to reports, not taking regular vacation time increases the risk of heart attacks by over 30% in men and 50% in women. The heart's effect on stress, which results in high cortisol levels, is well known, and a vacation will definitely help to alleviate anxiety and daily worries. It's curious that there's still a lingering belief that vacations are merely an indulgence, despite scientific evidence to the contrary. Rejuvenating your whole being: A holiday that leaves you feeling depleted is ineffective. One of the many fantastic advantages of a luxury villa vacation is that it is built to make your vacation not only fun, but also refreshing and rejuvenating. High-end villas are beautifully built to cater for every moment of your stay with incredible décor and amenities. An upscale villa holiday recharges the batteries like no other stay, whether it's taking an early morning or sunset swim, working out in a villa gym, or practicing yoga in a poolside sala. Finding inspiration: A beautiful villa design and décor, as well as a breathtaking location, can really open the mind and allow imagination to flow. A beautiful view can inspire you, and a memorable experience can transform your life. Vacations are an exercise in mindfulness, and living in the ‘now' rather than the past or future helps you to express yourself creatively and fill in the nuances and color of your dreams. Brain stimulation: Lowering stress levels reduces the risk of burnout, and getaways allow the brain to fine-tune its functions rather than being constantly pressed to perform. By breaking free from the rut of demanding the same thought patterns and processes from your brain on a daily basis, you are allowing fresh ideas to emerge. The trick to firing the neurons more efficiently is to disconnect first and avoid getting too plugged in during your break. To put it another way, relaxation comes from turning off phones, turning down the intensity of your daily life, and allowing new mental connections to form. Getting you in better shape: A vacation can be as active as it is relaxing, with water sports, adventures, sightseeing, and exploring. Trying new activities, such as scuba diving or surfing, will boost your energy levels and motivate you to make lifestyle changes. A vacation villa transforms into your own private lifestyle retreat, providing you with the space and amenities to be more involved. Many luxury villas have full gyms, as well as gorgeous infinity pools and other amenities including games rooms and tennis courts. Vacations provide the perfect opportunity to reflect on how you live your life and to begin a healthier lifestyle. Begin by locating a villa that meets your requirements. Holidays are an ideal time to relax and reconnect with loved ones while taking a break from your busy work life. It's also an opportunity to travel to new places and learn about different cultures. If you're thinking about where you'll stay during your holiday, a hotel room may be the first thing that comes to mind. However, did you know that you can rent a private holiday home or a villa and have the time of your life even with your family or friends? The advantage of this lodging is that you won't have to share the hallway with as many other vacationers, and you can cook and do other things your way. Some of the advantages of renting a villa while on vacation include: When traveling as a group or with a family, staying in a hotel can be expensive and restrictive due to the limited number of people who can share a bed. You may also be unable to prepare meals and engage in recreational activities. If you rent a villa for your family, you can be sure that you will get a great deal and get more value for your money because you can save a significant amount of money. The fact that villas come with a variety of amenities to improve your overall experience is one of the reasons for their success. There's no reason to leave the holiday home because you have all of those facilities. Private pools, board games, cable TV, and a variety of other facilities are available. The types of amenities available in the villa can vary depending on the type of accommodation and its venue. There are no restrictions or schedules. When you're on holiday, the last thing you want to do is stick to routines like having breakfast between 8 and 10 a.m. Unfortunately, while staying in a hotel, you have no choice but to follow their rules. The good news is that renting a villa allows you to enjoy your holiday without being bound by any timetable. You will be able to eat whatever you want. After sleeping late the night before, I ate breakfast at 11 a.m. You may also do other things at any time that is convenient for you and your travel companions or relatives. A trip to Greece is always memorable. The country is ideal for anyone looking for a comfortable getaway, with incredible culture, breathtaking architecture, and sweeping natural beauty. There is something for everyone in Greece, from romantic city breaks in Athens to seaside getaways in Zakynthos Zante Island or the Aegean Sea Islands. Depending on the size of the party and any special requests or wishes, there are a variety of possible accommodations to choose from. For many people, staying in a private villa is the ideal way to experience Greece. If you're still undecided on where you'll stay, we hope these advantages of renting a vacation villa will make your decision a little easier! One of the most important benefits of choosing a holiday villa over a hotel or apartment is the fact that it provides significantly more space. Families and other large groups often choose holiday villas because they have enough space for everyone to spread out and relax. A holiday villa's room can be used in two ways. To begin with, most vacation villas will have enough bedrooms for everyone to sleep comfortably. Furthermore, the villa itself offers a peaceful environment, mostly away from the crowds that can be found in hotel areas. Confidentiality. In a similar vein to the argument made above, staying in a villa helps visitors to have a more intimate and personal experience than staying in a hotel. It also offers more privacy than an apartment, as a holiday villa always provides a room away from any neighbors or other vacationers. This additional privacy is ideal for families and couples, enabling them to enjoy an evening meal together or a peaceful day in the Zakynthian sun. Live Your Life Like A Local. If you're looking for a truly authentic Italian vacation, a holiday villa is the way to go! When you stay in Palazzo, you'll be entering a structure with a genuine local feel, as well as all the facilities you'll need for an authentic vacation. A vacation villa also allows you to try your hand at cooking, and there are few better ways to communicate with the local community than by attempting to recreate their cuisine! Reduce The CO2 Emissions. Although you could have traveled to Greece Zante, you can opt to leave a low carbon footprint by shopping locally and helping the local economy, selecting zero-kilometer food suppliers, and limiting the use of lights and air conditioning. If you prefer, you can reduce the amount of times your towels and linens are washed and ensure that no single plastic is used in the villa. With a little thought, the carbon footprint in a villa can be significantly lower than in a hotel. A Slightly Luxurious Touch. For many of us, a vacation is an opportunity to spend quality time with our loved ones in a beautiful environment. An authentic Greek villa adds the wow factor to your getaway, ensuring that it is one to remember. If you choose the right holiday villa for your wants and needs, it can become the focal point of your vacation. It's always the little details that make your vacation extra special. An authentic Zante villa, on the other hand, can provide the space, comfort, and sense of place that are ideal for discovering the island of Zakynthos. If you're looking for a luxurious villa in Zakynthos, Zante, Greece, or elsewhere, we hope we can assist you in finding the ideal location for your next vacation! Any of the advantages of a luxurious villa vacation are readily apparent. Relax and enjoy the sunshine in spacious, cozy, trendy, and luxurious surroundings. A private pool with no need to share it, in a great location for exploring the city. However, there are some additional advantages to vacationing in a villa that you might not have considered... It gives you a sense of perspective. It's difficult to see things from a different viewpoint when we're immersed in our everyday lives. When we're abroad, luxuriating in a villa, we can take a different look at our lives. When you're so far away from everything, it's a wonderful time to make decisions. A vacation is good for the brain. You're giving the brain a workout with decreased stress levels and so much new sensory feedback and enjoyment. Developing stronger bonds. A villa vacation is ideal for strengthening ties. A villa will provide you with the space to have your own private time while also providing several opportunities to spend quality time enjoying each other's company in a beautiful environment, whether you're with your partner, children, or extended family. It's incredibly energizing. If you're feeling down, taking a break will help you re-energize and feel more positive. Increasing your self-assurance. Taking a break from your daily routine and entering another world will give you a sense of control. Your energy levels will skyrocket, and you'll feel as though you can do something! It's an excellent time to try something different or set a goal for yourself. A long walk in the countryside or learning a new water sport are two options. If you work so hard that you think you won't be able to take a vacation, think again. Taking time off and having some extra rest will make you work better when you return. It's motivating. Spending time in a stunning luxury villa with incredible panoramic views would undoubtedly inspire you to be more innovative. By taking a vacation, you will significantly reduce the chances of having a heart attack. According to studies, people who do not take vacations on a regular basis have a 30 percent higher risk of heart attack (men) and a 50 percent higher risk of heart attack (women) than those who do. It's ideal for mental health. Your mental health is just as critical as your physical health, and a vacation in a villa will help you feel better by reducing depression and stress. You're giving your mind a well-deserved break when you're sitting in the heat, maybe reading a book or just watching the world go by. Excellent for improving health levels. There are many ways to get more exercise while on vacation. Swimming, going for a long stroll, or participating in water sports are all excellent ways to improve your health. Find the ideal luxury villa for you. In Zante Island, we have a large collection of luxurious villas. Check out our website to see all of the options and choose the villa that will be yours for the duration of your vacation. Pros of the Villa. The privacy! Forget about sharing your vacation with others; you can go anywhere you want without ever feeling like you're being watched. It's just your own room for you and your family (or friends). It's a home away from home – you won't have to spend time 'getting your bearings,' wandering around the hotel grounds finding out where things are, like you would normally. Your villa is a lot more welcoming! It's like getting your own piece of property abroad, with a living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. That's something we'd all appreciate! One of the biggest advantages is having your own private pool! You can splash as much as you like or relax in complete silence. There are no limits on when you can go in or whether or not you can drink in the pool! You get to do all of your own cooking, which many people appreciate! You should only eat as and when the dining room determines in All Inclusive hotels, with specific hours available for each mealtime. With a villa, you can eat whenever you want, according to your own timetable. Plus, you can go grocery shopping like a local and try all the stuff you wouldn't if you were living in a hotel! You'll be able to prepare some delectable dishes using new, locally sourced ingredients. It's also better for those with food intolerances like gluten or dairy, since they can prepare all of their meals to fit their nutritional preferences instead of relying on what a hotel provides, which might be minimal. It's both your lodging and a location. Do you have a big birthday or an important anniversary coming up? What could be more unique than throwing your own party in a foreign country? You can host your own BBQs in the sun or al-fresco tapas feasts, making it more than just a hotel room. It's special – hotels can all look the same, with similar rooms. Villas, on the other hand, are like houses! They're perfect for parties! They'll have more personal touches, and you can pick your villa based on your own personal taste – whether you're looking for something rustic with old-style charm or a modern masterpiece. You'll all be in one location, each with your own bedroom. You will find small villas with two or three bedrooms all the way up to large mansions with eight or more bedrooms! Don't rule out the possibility of a villa vacation. Villa vacations aren't as expensive as they seem, despite the flashy images of sprawling properties and sun-lounger-lined pools. There are several different types of villas available around the world, ranging from intimate couples retreats to massive four, eight, or even sixteen-person retreats, so you can find one that fits your needs. Families particularly enjoy villa vacations because their children are not bound by the schedules and regulations of an all-inclusive hotel. Consider the advantages and disadvantages. Since villa vacations are self-catering, you won't have to worry about endless all-inclusive buffets or workers that will wait on you hand and foot (unless of course you really are a celebrity and take a serviced villa). You also won't have access to organized entertainment, kids' clubs, or daily maid service. What you can gain, however, is a private space for the duration of your journey. That means you won't have to rush to the pool to get a sun lounger, you'll have the freedom to choose when and how you eat, drink, sleep, and party, and you'll be able to really relax and enjoy life with all the amenities of home. Plus, even with car hire, self-catering breaks are always much less expensive than package holidays if you get creative with your spending (i.e. cook). Don't forget to look over the list to see what's included. When you book a holiday villa, you are essentially renting a house. It will normally include bedding and towels, a bathroom, access to a private or shared pool, and any other amenities that the home provides. On arrival, several hotels have a welcome kit with a few simple groceries. You can, however, read the terms and conditions of any rental before proceeding. Look for specifics like if there is a cleaning service, whether there is a refundable deposit to be left upon arrival, and any other details that are important to you – air conditioning is a good one to think about, as are cots and high chairs if you're traveling with a small child. There are thousands of villas to choose from, so it's critical to narrow down your options to the one that best fits your needs. Go online and look for properties offered through villa specialists, filtering by the number of bedrooms, the price range you're willing to pay, and also if the property has a private pool or has views of the sea. Then get specific: do you need family-friendly facilities? Is it necessary to be near the action? If you are unfamiliar with the company providing the villa, read online reviews to ensure you are booking with a legitimate company. You may also want to talk with the villa's owner or manager. Don't let a little detail ruin your vacation. It's important that you study your property's location and how you'll get there when you arrive. Unless you are staying in a park, you would most likely need a rental car or cars to make the most of your time there. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a beautiful home with no convenient access to restaurants, stores, or the beach. You can also factor in the time it takes to get from the airport to your destination. Consider check-in and check-out times as well, and factor them into your travel arrangements and potential flight times. Avoid getting too late or too early, as you do not want to drive in the dark in an unfamiliar location or wait for hours to get in. You should even think about how you'll get to your villa. Most people can fly, so think about whether you'll book your flights via your villa specialist and thus benefit from ATOL security for package holidays, or whether you'll book separate flights and accommodations (for which you must ensure you have a travel insurance policy including end supplier failure). Make certain that your reservation is secure. The decision of whether to book directly or via a villa company is a popular one for vacationers. We suggest booking with a reputable company that has an ATOL license and paying with a credit or debit card. If you don't know the villa and its landlord, don't pay by bank transfer or hand over cash – even then, your money is at risk because there is no legal cover. Take out a good travel insurance policy from the day you book, just as you would on any other vacation. Don't sabotage your vacation by missing anything crucial. Create a list of all you'll need for your break once you've booked it and get everything ready to pack. Gather all of your documents, including boarding passes and driver's licenses, as well as the location of the villa and where to pick up the keys, and figure out how you'll pay your deposit. Importantly, make sure you know who to call in the event of an emergency or if anything is hurt. When you're gone, make sure your party gets along. If you're traveling with a party, talk about how you'll organize the necessary tasks before you go to prevent any misunderstandings that might ruin your vacation. Who will do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning, for example? Are you running a kitty and who will be in charge of it? When you organize these items before you leave, you will be able to enjoy more of your trip once you arrive. For couples, there are ten advantages to vacationing in a villa. We recently returned from a trip to Zankynthos to review the beautiful villa of Palazzo Di P World 5th Awarded Villa. We had a fantastic time, and the villa was fantastic. You can learn about our experience living in Villa Palazzo in Zante over at the Villa’s reviews. For couples, there are ten advantages to vacationing in a villa. We stayed in a villa for the second year in a row, and we've come to the conclusion that villas are ideal for a family vacation. From our perspective, the following are the key advantages: Space One of the key advantages of living in a villa over an apartment, tent, or even a luxury hotel room is the amount of space available. Not only do you need space to get away from each other (which, let's face it, we all do! ), but you also need space to store your things, relax, and not feel hemmed in. Our villa was very spacious, with balconies, a pool room, and many communal areas, so everyone had a chance to be alone if they wanted to. Cost Many villas can fit two or three families, which can be very cost effective. Our villa in Zante had a barbecue, free WiFi, a lovely pool, TV and DVD, and a lovely terrace to lounge on. This meant that we stayed in most evenings and saved a lot of money in the process. You can't do that to the same extent in a hotel or apartment, and you'll spend a lot of money going out. The financial advantages of family vacations in a villa Self-catering is an option. We are a vegetarian family, and my children, like many others, can be picky eaters. Eating out in a foreign country can be difficult. Fish is often served as the main course, and pizza and omelettes can become monotonous. Being able to self-cater is fantastic because it allows us to eat better during the week while saving a lot of money on dining out. Relax It's great to be able to unwind on vacation, letting the kids roam around the villa having drinks on their own and watching a movie as you sip a drink on the terrace and watch the sun set. A villa is a safe and private haven away from home. There is no need to adhere to a meal or activity schedule; you can go at your own speed. You should unwind and enjoy your life. No one else is in the vicinity You won't have to wait in line for a sun bed or deal with obnoxious stag parties in the room next door. It's just you and yours; there's no one else in the room. One of the greatest advantages of villa vacations for families is that children have more freedom. It's a great relief to not have to be concerned about strangers or the fact that you won't be able to see your children for 5 minutes. They have more space in a villa than they would in a hotel or apartment, which the kids love. Doing the laundry Dishwashers and washing machines make things much easier and eliminate the need to bring a large number of outfits with you or bring piles of dirty ones home. Privacy. It's fun to go outside in your PJs and drink your morning coffee or relax in your swimsuit by the pool without feeling self-conscious. This was one of my favorite aspects of villa life. Safety For a week, the villa felt like our home, and it was secure. There weren't many people around, and there weren't many people going in and out. It gave me a sense of security. The opulence of villa vacations for families We all fantasize about owning homes in beautiful places, and renting a villa in a fantastic location with your own pool feels like a fantasy come true. Palazzo staff supported us with the amasing Villa Palazzo Di P, where we stayed. They will book tickets, transfers, and any other extras you can need in addition to arranging your lodging. RENTING A PRIVATE VILLA HAS 4 BENEFITS When planning a holiday, you have a range of lodging options. You have the choice of staying in a simple hotel or resort or renting a private holiday rentals. A LARGER AMOUNT OF PRIVACY. You want to be able to unwind while on holiday. In a hotel or resort, it's often difficult to do so. Other people's children are running down the halls, neighbours are making noise in the room next to you, and so on. Instead, staying in Palazzo villa rental provides you with much more privacy and tranquility. You can spread out around the house instead of cramming your family into a couple of small hotel rooms. Your own space, providing privacy from even your own family when needed. ADDITIONAL Space Those hotel rooms are frequently very small. For an extended vacation in Greece, fitting four people in there with just one bathroom can be overwhelming. Rent a Private Villa in Zante Zakynthos Ionian Sea Greece to give yourself more room to spread out. In addition to multiple bedrooms, your private villa includes a complete kitchen, gathering areas such as the dining room and living room, and, best of all, a private outdoor gathering area with deck or patio, private pool, and breathtaking views! Far BETTER PERSONAL SERVICE Although some hotels and resorts may have activity directors, you will not receive the same level of personalized service as you will with Palazzo Villa. The staff will be available to assist you with all of your holiday planning needs. Staff will make your stay more comfortable by providing best professional services. To provide you with the best support and experience possible, Palazzo staff works only with the best vendors. EXTRA VALUE When you want to stay in a hotel or spa, all you get are beds and bathrooms. When you hang with Palazzo Villas, you're getting incredible value, from the extra space to spread out to the private facilities (rather than a public pool like at a resort). Benefits of Vacationing in a Rented Villa. There are several advantages to renting a villa in Zakynthos from an owner who advertises on palazzodip website rather than booking a hotel/motel or a package deal through a travel agent. The second is the price, which is self-evident. A villa can accommodate an average of 8, 10, or even 12 people for one fixed price, while a hotel would charge per bed, and a package deal will charge per person, even though it is a villa. Some villa vacation sites will offer discounts to customers who don't mind staying in a villa they won't see until the day they arrive, because they won't know what facilities are included. The key benefit of a villa vacation over a hotel stay is the extra space and privacy. Nothing beats getting the run of a whole house instead of being cooped up in one room with your entire family. In addition to pool tables, foosball machines, air hockey tables, and a variety of small games and playstations, good villas will provide plenty of fun for both children and adults in their homes: games rooms with pool tables, foosball machines, air hockey tables, and a variety of small games and playstations. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV are examples of television film networks. Many that do not have access to a large number of television channels that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Some have modern flat-screen TVs with a large range of DVDs to accommodate everyone in the family and libraries with books to read. As a business owner, I've accumulated a large number of books over the years as people carry them out with them and then leave them here when they return home. What better place to relax than in your own private backyard, complete with your own private pool? You can prepare your meals or have a barbecue for lunch and eat in the shade of the lanai (a big type of porch) to avoid the heat. Alternatively, once the kids have gone to bed, have drinks by the pool. You can save money by purchasing groceries from the store rather than eating out all of the time. Some villas are located in communities with communal pools and playgrounds for children, as well as gyms and tennis courts for adults. But instead of opting for a plan that only includes half-board, consider renting a villa. Each residence is around 220 square meters, with parking, a private pool, and a private garden, providing visitors with privacy and serenity. The villas are divided into levels. Visitors enter a large living space, dining room, and fully equipped kitchen. Double bedroom with en-suite bath, twin bedroom with an adjacent bathroom are main characteristics. Garden is directly accessible from all bedrooms. A entertainment area with a TV, DVD player, and billiard table is available in the semi-basement. In addition, there are laundry and ironing facilities in this Villa. Shaded verandas, a pergola with a barbeque suitable for alfresco dining, and a private swimming pool are all included in the villas' private outdoor areas. The villas are an excellent option for families, friends, and couples looking for relaxation, warmth, and an enjoyable and unforgettable stay on Zante magnificent island. Swimming pool with sunbathing areas, Barbecue, Covered outdoor dining and seating area, Services in the Parking Lot, Linen is changed regularly, Towels are changed every day, Concierge Services for Pool Towels, Cleaning Service on a daily Basis, Things for the bathroom, Conditioned air, Wi-Fi is available. Your holiday with Palazzo has just begun as the key turns in the lock, the door opens, and you enter the sublime world of your private luxury villa. For us, though, the journey begins much earlier. We are committed to creating a vacation experience tailored to your needs, from handpicking unique properties across Greece to providing award-winning services throughout your stay. The property is personally inspected and carefully selected to meet our standards, but those that deserve a spot in our portfolio must also possess a rare quality: they must feel like a home away from home, a quiet sanctuary where nothing stands in the way of your privacy. That's why our on-site team will be ready to assist and help you. This is your holiday, not ours, so take it on your own terms. So, while we take care of curating your magical moments in Greece, you can focus on living them. After all, Your Villa is our motto, which encapsulates our whole ideology. This is your vacation. Your recollections. Your vacation doesn't begin and end with a fantastic property. Your villa is more than a home to us. It's a house, and it should feel like one. That is why we enjoy spoiling you from the moment you arrive until you depart. When you choose to stay with Palazzo Di P, you will benefit from a pre-arranged arrival transfer followed by assisted check-in, a warm welcome with fruits and sparkling wine, and our pre-stocking service, to name a few. We will do whatever we can to put a smile on your face from the moment we meet you. You come first for us. We are experts at locating the ideal villa for you. From the moment you contact us, you will be assigned a dedicated villa advisor who will assist you in finding the vacation rental of your dreams. We know all of our villas because we hand-picked them, so all we ask is that you share your ideal holiday with us. Our expertise and your aspirations are the perfect match: a villa to inspire a fantastic summer! Our on-site guest experience curators are ready to provide award-winning facilities that will make your holiday truly unforgettable. They have contacts everywhere because they are locals, so they will be able to provide you with anything you need. A VIP table at a restaurant or a front-row beach lounger are just a phone call away, so let us work our magic and we'll make your stay at your luxurious villa even more memorable. You tell us what you want to do, and we make it happen, even if it's at the last minute. There is never enough luxury. So, if you're looking for an ultra-luxury vacation home, there's only one option: a one-of-a- luxury property in Greece, hand-picked to provide the highest levels of design and comfort, as well as superior amenities and facilities that rival those of a 5-star hotel. The World Luxury Hotel Awards named us the ‘High End Travelers Choice World 5th Villa” for two years in a row, from 2017 to 2018 and being the only one in Greece within the top World 10! What is the reason for this? Our guests enjoy our luxury villa, on-site concierge service, friendly staff, and local knowledge, and they encourage us to do better every year. When it comes to your experience with us, we like to call ourselves picky. That is why we pay attention to the smallest specifics. From architecture and location to ambience and atmosphere, Palazzo Villa has its own unique story to tell. We guarantee that booking directly with Palazzo Di P will get you the best deal possible. If you are interested in renting a villa, please contact us to inquire about rates and availability. Within the day, Palazzo Staff will contact you. It's important to express yourself! Every year, we strive to improve our ability to provide our guests with the best possible experience, and your feedback is the most motivating factor. We are grateful to all of you who support our efforts and who have given us such positive feedback. For deluxe travelers seeking the true Holiday Experience, our luxury Ionian Villa provides the best vacation experience in the exclusive Zakynthos Zante Greece destination! The Ionian nature is a joyous pleasure, from lush woods and spectacular waterfalls to stunning multi-awarded beaches. Staying in a private villa on the Ionian Islands provides numerous exploration opportunities as well as the opportunity to experience firsthand the magnificence of Greek nature. Experience seekers and nature lovers alike will enjoy the famous beaches in Zante, Navagio in Zakynthos, and the beaches in Laganas Bay. Staying in a villa in Zante will provide you with authentic gastronomical and wellness experiences that will turn you as you let it all go in the Ionian blue. The islands' rich history has shaped a distinct Greek regional cuisine that can't be found anywhere else. With our private chef service, you can enjoy a feast in the privacy of your luxurious villa. If you're looking for complete relaxation while exploring the Ionian Sea, you've come to the right place! The luxurious villa facilities, and first-rate island services combine to make this one of the best places in the Mediterranean to relax and recharge your batteries. In terms of prestigious destinations, the Ionian Sea has many towns and villages worth visiting, such as Anafonitria, Agios Leon,Kiliomenos, Volimes and more. Explore the best villa in Zante, and let Palazzo staff to plan your ideal zante vacation. The Basic Idea: a peaceful haven. Palazzo is a unique summer rental located on island’s midlands just a 10-minute drive from Zakynthos Town. This exceptional estate of 5 bedrooms, set just within local nature among olive trees, is ready to comfortably host a party of 10 guests. Palazzo has everything you need for a dream escape in total opulence and peace: state-of-the-art amenities, flawless style, and clean lines. Nothing would get in the way of your days in the sun in Greece. Outdoors the lavish nature of the exterior spaces that concentrate on providing the most ideal of vacation facilities will astound you the moment you walk through the entrance gate of this magnificent estate. A BBQ area, a traditional woodstove, and several covered verandas for dining are just the start. The ideal place to forget about your worries. The sleek interiors of this exceptional property are defined by sophistication and simplicity.The villa, which has three floors has an array of luxurious facilities to make you feel at home.There are king size beds, en-suite bathrooms, spacious living rooms, fully fitted kitchen and equipped with famous greek wines. You get a one-of-a-kind holiday rental that will, without a doubt, redefine the definition of luxury. It's good to remember. The estate is beautiful in and of itself, but it's also only a few minutes from the beach and a 10-minute drive from Laganas, which is known for its picturesque bay and breathtaking views. Make the 10-minute drive to Zante Town for restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing in Zante Castle, and prepare to be enchanted. Zante has a long and important history, and the museums, buildings, and Venetian environment, which have remained unchanged over the centuries, although a catastrophic earthquake took place in 1953. Daily housekeeping, Towel and linen changes, Beach towels and bathrobes, Welcome fresh fruit basket and 2 bottles of exclusive Greek wines, Spring mineral water bottles unlimited This luxurious property for 10 guests is a beautifully mansion with traditional Zante architecture, serving as a reminder of the island's Venetian long past. The elaborate architecture and incredible mansion features of this villa in Zante transport guests back in time, including stunning balconies, an indoor staircase, fabulous bathrooms, and carved wood details. The villa offers a huge private heated swimming pool, top-notch family and children's amenities, and all technical luxury things you'll need. Outside, lush gardens and tall trees. You can stroll around the villa on the quaint pebbled driveway, which features a proper palace-like terrace, and enjoy the outdoor luxury villa areas in privacy. The villa pool dominates the lower terrace floor, providing enjoyable moments of relaxation and play for the entire family. The villa has a children's playground, where the little ones will have a great time all day in a green and healthy setting. Zakynthos is a gastronomic paradise, combining the best of both worlds: traditional Greek cooking and Venetian cuisine. Put your culinary skills to the test at the villa's BBQ section, where you can enjoy the perfect dinner under the shade of a pergola. Many of the areas are uniquely decorated with historical references and fantastic new twists. The Villa has a variety of amenities, including smart TVs, an espresso machine, and security features. Modern appliances, dining table, and laundry facilities are all included in the fully fitted kitchen. Living room and dining room with fireplace, sofa and chairs, big dining table, 55' smart TV, and access to the terrace and pool area. PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and TV in the entertainment room. First Level 1 bedroom with queen size bed, air conditioning, private bathroom with shower and bathtub, smart TV, sea and garden views, and balcony access. 1 bedroom with two single beds (an additional bed can be added), air conditioning, private bathroom with shower, smart TV, sea and garden views, and balcony access. Second Stage, 1 bedroom with king size bed (an additional bed can be added), air conditioning, en-suite bathroom with shower, smart TV, fireplace, and views of the sea and garden. 1 bedroom with two single beds, air conditioning, a smart TV, and a view of the garden. 1 bedroom with a queen-size bed, air conditioning, a smart TV, and a view of the sea. Shower in the bathroom. 1 bedroom with a double bed, air conditioning, a smart TV, an en-suite bathroom with a tub, and a view of the sea. In the open air. Sun beds are available. Playground for kids, Lounge and dining areas are available outside. There is a private garden with trees and shrubs, as well as a well and a sitting bench. Table and chairs in a pergola-protected dining area. Barbecue. The Idea: Spending Quality Time with Your Family. It's the ideal spot for a luxurious family vacation. It is perfect for families with children, as well as friends, as it is close to shops and restaurants, and is close to the airport. It is ideal for families with children, as well as friends, as there would be no long boring distances with the car. Gather a group of 10 people and plan for a relaxing, rejuvenating vacation in this exclusive Zakynthos villa for rent. The views are breathtaking, the ocean is so close that you can see it from the terrace, and the pool is just perfect. Look no further if you're looking for a villa in Zante with a private pool! Gather in the shade around the outdoor dining table or get a tan by the pool. There is also a lovely vegetable garden where guests can pick and prepare their own vegetables! For a tasty and light lunch, we suggest the BBQ veg mix. While staying at Palazzo, you can relax in your own private paradise or go exploring on the beautiful island of Zakynthos. The Idea: Summer Feelings in Waves If you're traveling with family or friends, be prepared for peaceful and intimate moments under the Greek sun. The following photograph captures the villa's ethereal atmosphere. When it comes to luxurious summer living, Palazzo provides exceptional home comforts that will surpass your expectations. When you want to retreat, the open plan living and dining areas are built to bring everyone together. The attached fully fitted kitchen has everything you need, including a kettle, dishwasher, and espresso machine. Before you head out to the pool, make a cup of your favorite blend and turn on the music system for the perfect start to your day in Zante. It's useful to know that the Palazzo Di P villa in Zakynthos is near to the town of Zante Island, which offers a variety of shopping, drinking, and dining choices. By car, you can get there in under 15 minutes, but if you need to run to the store quickly, there are many choices within 2 minutes distance of the Villa. Anything you need is close at hand. Jacuzzi that is heated and is located outside. A blow dryer (in every bedroom), Highchair for children (upon request), Mosquito repellents, Tennis on the table, Surveillance cameras, Design of a Fire Extinguisher, Sun loungers, Showering in the open air, With a sound system, there are outdoor lounge and dining areas, Barbecue, there is a private parking area for five cars. The private swimming pool has a view of the water, and the outdoor areas are surrounded by lush greenery, providing the desired summer ambiance. Palazzo villa in Zante Zakynthos is the ideal location for unique moments of relaxation on one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The villa awaits you and your friends or family, fully furnished and fitted to a high standard, with a private exercise room and enhanced security features. The villa is ideal for children because it has a huge garden with lawn and trees where they can safely play all day. When you're hungry, fire up the barbecue grill and enjoy a candlelit dinner you'll remember for a long time. Style of the Interior. The interior of the property is simple and appealing. The high aesthetics and calming indoor living facilities of villa appeal to upscale travelers. The outside area and the indoor room are balanced by simple lines. Your Zakynthos luxury villa is situated in a premium secluded location in a peaceful setting close to Zante town. By car, you can get there in under 15 minutes. Your Zakynthos private villa, is ideal for families with children because it's close to some of the island's most beautiful beaches, the closest of which is Tsilivi, Kalamaki, Laganas Bay, which is just less than 15-minute drive away. Don't forget Navagio, also known as "Shipwreck Beach," where, according to legend, a smuggler ship washed ashore within the majestic bay's rocky walls. Do you need assistance in making your decision? Take a look at some of our most famous wellness experiences and choose one to try in the comfort of your luxury villa! Personal workout sessions, Deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Reflexology, Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aqua Fitness, Pilates. When exploring Greece's unspoiled existence, get out of your comfort zone and push yourself physically and mentally. Our guest experience curators have scoured the Greek islands for the best activities to make your stay with Palazzo Villa even better. The possibilities are endless: riding or cycling, being on the water or underwater, being alone or with friends. Take a moment to breathe in the freedom that a cycling tour provides and live each moment to the fullest. Sun-kissed roads through the Greek islands' rural countryside, a look over untouched beaches, and adrenaline-pumping trips down steep slopes. Lessons in cooking. Food is an important part of a country's history, and there's no better way to learn about Greek cuisine than by cooking it yourself! An immersive cooking class will give you a taste of true Greek hospitality and authentic Mediterranean cuisine. While you cook, help prepare traditional recipes using fresh local ingredients while nibbling on Greek delicacies and sipping wine. After the lesson, join your fellow travelers for a homemade feast and a glimpse into modern-day Greek life. This will be a memorable day. Tours of wineries. You've always learned that wine tastes great when you're on vacation. With a wine tasting experience, you can feel the special spirit of the Greek islands. At a winery, on the beach, in the privacy of your villa, or on a luxury yacht, everything is tailored to your preferences. Relax, unwind, and sip some divine Greek wine. Tours by helicopter. A private helicopter flight over the Greek islands will take your sightseeing to new heights. Take to the sky for unrivaled bird's-eye views of the Aegean Sea, as well as an awe-inspiring atmosphere that will leave you gazing and dreaming. A romantic trip for two, a surprise proposal, a group gathering, or a family outing are all possibilities. Tours in the arts. The Greek islands are a land of amazing wonders, known for their deep blue seas, spectacular sunsets, and sandy beaches. Greece, on the other hand, has a different story to tell. The islands have a rich culture that dates back to ancient times, in addition to providing visual pleasure to thousands of visitors each year. Please contact us to learn more about our culture tours and to have us assist you in selecting the best one for you and your group. Your wedding is far more than a single event. Palazzo Staff is dedicated to making your wedding a fairytale experience to be remembered for a lifetime. You've just become engaged and are planning to marry your partner! Without a doubt, Greece is a wedding destination made in heaven. You will have the opportunity to share unforgettable intimate moments with your future spouse before, during, and after the wedding, amidst the unparalleled beauty of the Greek islands and the sublime atmosphere of your luxury villa. Getting married in a private villa comes with a slew of benefits that you won't find anywhere else. Apart from total privacy and peace of mind for your laid-back days leading up to the wedding, you will have the privilege of getting ready on site, having a place to stay when the party is over, and an array of private facilities at your disposal; all of our wedding villas offer private swimming pools - the perfect backdrop for your wedding arch, fully equipped kitchens for your catering, and an array of private facilities at your disposal; We've accumulated a wealth of experience planning the wedding of your dreams over the years, and we'll be happy to help you prepare every last detail of your big day! Prepare for a wedding ceremony and reception to remember, as well as a luxurious honeymoon. Your wedding will be one-of-a-kind thanks to idyllic places, breathtaking views, whitewashed private chapels, anonymity, luxury, fine cuisine, and bespoke services. Our experienced team of wedding planners, decorators, and villa consultants will assist you in creating the atmosphere you want with the right decor, wedding cake, flowers, and other personal touches, as well as assisting you with makeup, hairstyling, and photography to capture those priceless moments. Choose from one of our wedding menus or make your own. Our talented Gastronomy Team will prepare for a small wedding and tailor our wedding menus to your unique needs and preferences. You can have a simple ceremony with a drink and finger food for your guests, or you can have a full-fledged post-ceremony formal reception. A DJ and sound system will set the party atmosphere for the reception, while bartenders and servers will keep things going smoothly. Our chef will discuss the dinner menu and wine list with you, ensuring that your guests leave the party full and happy! Who would have guessed that a luxury villa could be the perfect setting for your wedding? The elegance of the Greek islands, the breathtaking scenery, the beaches, the distinct local character, and our impeccable services will all contribute to creating picture-perfect memories that will last a lifetime. Allow us to be your "something blue" while you relax and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience in a luxurious villa in Greece! Hangovers last just a day, but memories last a lifetime. The morning after a dance, you can still tell if it was truly epic. You can relax, have fun, and live in the moment knowing that Palazzo Team will take care of every last detail for your perfect party. There's always a good reason to get together with friends. Which one is it for you? Are you planning a bachelor party, an engagement, a birthday, or the last night of your vacation? Let us handle everything. You are free to eat whatever comes to mind! We'll organize the music, recruit a top DJ, send over our executive chef, light up the sky with fireworks... the list goes on and on. Whatever the occasion, we'll help you throw the most memorable party, whether it's a big, flashy bash or a low-key, contemporary chic affair. Book a luxurious villa that can accommodate an event for any number of guests – from 10 to 300, the choice is yours – and enjoy the VIP experience you deserve in a completely private and exclusive environment. Our experienced team of party and event planners will assist you in creating the ideal theme and style for your special night, working with you along the way on everything from the decor to the menu and type of bar, as well as all of your personal touches, depending on the event. Do you require a four-layer cake? You figured it out. The ideal locations for the ideal Yoga Retreat. Come, yoga teachers, and let's make some blissful memories together! Palazzo Di P staff will assist you in creating a complete yogic experience that blends the best of both worlds: a retreat that encourages serenity, wellbeing, and transformation, as well as an unforgettable luxury trip to a spectacular location. We'll assist you in putting together an appealing yoga package that includes everything you'll need, from the most luxurious accommodations in our exclusive luxury villas with shaded areas for yoga practice, private swimming pools, regular housekeeping service, and modern amenities, to planned activities that will keep the day moving and allow you to focus on your students' well-being. We will schedule guided island tours and explorations, regular cruises to explore secret beaches and surrounding islands, exquisite local and foreign cuisine dinners with vegetarian or vegan dishes, nights out dancing until the sun rises, and everything else that suits your and your students' ideal yoga retreat. Imagine beginning your day with your students doing yoga on the terrace of a private villa with a view of the turquoise sea. Later in the afternoon, you could provide your students with another unique experience: yoga on the beach as the sun sinks into the sea in beautiful colors. If you're looking for the perfect yoga retreat, look no further. The weather in Greece is perfect for over six months of the year, and the Greek islands are perhaps the world's most popular vacation destination; sparkling light and the sapphire-blue waters of the Ionian offer stunning vistas that soothe both body and soul. It's as if nature designed these places for meditation and visualization because they are so beautiful. Relax, reflect, love, practice yoga, and teach are what you need to do. Even if it's just a pretext to plan a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in a luxurious villa on the Greek islands. To provide you with an exceptional set of houses and experiences. Our mission is to make your vacation a period of complete freedom in which you can spend quality time with your loved ones. If you go with a swarm of kids or a big group of friends, your dream vacation would be different. From the house you choose to your return home, we plan your perfect vacation, just the way you've always imagined it. We create them in total independence, with no constraints or predetermined plans. We can customize them with a variety of services to meet the needs of everyone in your group. Going on vacation also entails a change in pace, a willingness to embrace the unexpected, a quickening of the heartbeat, and breathtaking moments. It entails sharing these one-of-a-kind experiences that you will cherish for years to come. Allow your imagination to run wild and ask for the unthinkable. We create unique, off-the-beaten-path experiences for you. Are you traveling with a big group of friends or family? do you really want to unwind and be pampered? A designer's home that is classical, modern and minimal, with careful attention to every detail. The property is one of the best examples of classical style blended with diversified details taken from other designer trends; minimal and luxurious, decorated with parts of a fine collection of 50s and 60s antique furniture and items, surrounded by well-plotted gardens, the property is one of the best examples of modern style blended with diversified details taken from other designer trends. The villa is a stunning property that successfully incorporates a variety of designer trends as well as one-of-a-kind artful pieces. The villa is a picture-perfect and completely functional home, combining pieces from the owner's personal collection from the 1950s and 1960s, designer furniture, and a variety of styles in all rooms. All in the house has been hand-picked down to the smallest detail to ensure the utmost comfort of its guests, while the gardens have also been meticulously planned by a renowned Greek architect to provide a functional and attractive setting. The main house has five double bedrooms with queen size beds that can accommodate up to ten guests: a master double with a rooftop terrace filled, two doubles with a private terrace of 15 m2 each. The villa is all about its simple elegance and cozy living spaces, blending contemporary décor with classic island charm. The rooms are all really relaxing, with natural colors and intricate features like big throws and bespoke lighting and furniture. The living room on the lower level looks out into the lovely lawned garden. For the warm Greek evenings, there's a lovely shaded terrace with a large dining table, as well as a private swimming pool with sunbeds, and an outdoor hot tub. At the World's Top Luxury Villas, we build one-of-a-kind getaways and lasting memories. Vacation Planning Made Easy. Our guest-first approach ensures that we meticulously plan every aspect of your trip, from the villa you choose to the length of your stay. It's not about having the most villas; it's about having the best. Only the finest properties are available for you, your family, and your mates, and every villa we offer meets our stringent standards of excellence. The Villas of Distinction Offer a Unique Experience. From start to finish, we believe in providing truly outstanding escapes, and it all begins with our approach. We make vacation planning simple by having a personal villa concierge to listen to your requests for activities and amenities. What Makes a Vacation in a Luxury Villa Special? Your personal Villa Concierge will ensure that your romantic holiday, family reunion, golf getaway, wedding, or corporate retreat begins the moment you arrive by planning everything from private chef services to personalized excursions. Are the rates for the whole villa or per person? Our rates are for the entire villa; however, parties, weddings, and other large events must be approved in writing. Villas can not be used by more guests than stated in the rental agreement, and some larger villas provide lower rates for use of fewer bedrooms inside the building. What is the minimum length of stay required? A 5- to 7-night stay is usually expected. Many villas can accommodate shorter stays, particularly if your departure date is approaching. Saturday is the standard arrival and departure day in Europe, especially in Greece, France and Italy. When do the High and Low Seasons occur? Seasons differ depending on where you go. High Season in Greece starts in mid-July and lasts until mid-September. Your villa consultant can clarify this upon your request. Is it necessary for us to pay the full rent if we book a home with more bedrooms than we require? Certainly not. Will someone else (i.e. strangers) be using those bedrooms and sharing the house if we don't book any of the bedrooms in a villa? Certainly not. You are renting the whole villa and will never be required to share it with someone other than your party. Is a honeymoon in a villa a smart idea? It's a fantastic concept with a decent price tag. Villas are private and spacious, with private pools and hot tubs or Jacuzzis in most cases. Our listing is extremely romantic, with packages and discounted rates available for two guests or honeymooners. Isn't it true that villas are more costly than hotels? When you look at the villas we serve, you'll notice that many of them are much less expensive than comparable hotels. When you consider all of the advantages and facilities of a private villa, you'll see that they're a great deal. What is your cancellation and deposit policy? The following are common procedures in most places: To keep a reservation, a 30% deposit is required within three days. Until the deposit and rental agreement form are issued, reservations are not considered solid. Upon receipt of the deposit, you will receive a confirmation note. The remaining balance is due 7 days before your delivery date. In general, 30 percent of the gross rental price is maintained for written cancellations issued after 90 days. The entire deposit is forfeited if you cancel within 7 days of your arrival. Please keep in mind that all holiday reservations are non-refundable. Also, please double-check your villa's deposit and cancellation policies, as payment and cancellation terms can differ. Please double-check at the time of booking. Travel insurance is strongly advised. Are children allowed in all of the vacation rentals? There are a few houses with limitations. Palazzo di P is a child-friendly than others in terms of protection and bedding. Is it necessary for me to buy travel insurance? Even the best-planned vacations can be derailed by unforeseen events such as a broken leg, a 24-hour flu, COVID19, an unwelcome storm, or worse. For one low price, Travel Protection offers coverage for anyone staying at the villa. This estate is every bit as romantic as its name suggests. The villa was designed by a well-known Greek architect. The Villa provides complete privacy and space in a natural setting. Personal cooks and housekeepers provide service to everyone. Villa is leased exclusively for your use. Your Resort, Your Island, Your Life, and Your World are all yours. The villa provides a peaceful retreat in a rural environment, but they are only few minutes drive from the island's beach resorts . The Palazzo Di P Villa is not only a dream house, but also a home away from home. The property employs a total of 5 people, all of whom have been highly educated to the highest levels of luxury hospitality. The Villa Manager and his staff are committed to providing visitors with the best vacation possible, seamlessly fulfilling all of their needs and demands. They are discreet and professional, and they are here to help you plan your travel, arrange airport pickup, move you to the villa, and handle your luggage. They will be happy to recommend activities based on your family's or party's interests once they have arrived and mounted. The choice is yours: go shopping in Zante, sail to Ionian Sea, or sunbathe by the pool. Villa stays have a unique and intimate experience, with no sharing, complete privacy, and unrivaled downtime. The staff goes above and beyond to make your stay personal and unforgettable, and the food and service, as well as the whole Palazzo Di P experience, are award-winning. It has a fantastic outdoor space with a fantastic pool area surrounded by sun loungers, multicolored lighting for the evenings, an outdoor dining area and BBQ, beautifully tended gardens, and plenty of parking. The staff is dedicated to providing visitors with special and unforgettable experiences, providing truly bespoke hospitality that caters to your specific wants and needs while still upholding the high standards that one would expect from such a luxurious environment. A table tennis table, croquet lawn, and a children's play area are also available. It provides the ideal atmosphere for unwinding and taking in the fresh, crisp Highland air while being surrounded by nature's gentle breath. Whatever the day brings, the walled garden provides a versatile space for all guests to relax and enjoy the special moments that make villa holidays so special. The luxury Villa Palazzo is a retreat surrounded by olive groves. Feel the love at the most romantic getaway on the planet. In a traditional environment, enjoy modern home comforts. This luxury villa is set amidst lush private gardens and offers the finest contemporary facilities and services. This magical residence has already hosted some of the most influential international figures, including presidents of countries, musicians, and leading business people, and is decorated and furnished with selected pieces. This villa is one of, if not the most luxurious residential homes in the world. Unlike several of the millionaire luxury villas currently being constructed, this one has a long history. The Villa, which is made of local stone and sleeps 10 adults, has modern interiors and a sophisticated entertainment system. A daily maid service is provided, as well as a private concierge available 24 hours a day to book yachts, restaurants, yoga classes, and other services.

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